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In the previous time, people had to visit the different shops for buying the different things. The chops could be located far away from each other and lot of time was consumed in completing the shopping. Then with the opening of retail stores, this problem was solved and the retail stores give huge ease to all the customers, now they can buy all sort of things from one place. They do not have to move from place to places.  Now the questions arise that how the customers can find the product of their own choice from the large quantity and variety of goods. Ease has been created in this factor too and different departments have been made in the stores or could be said that stores have been segregated in the different sections. The direction is provided in the stores and sections are named with the names of the products. Moreover, the staff of the store also assists you in having the product of your own choice. There are different famous and well-known stores in the world, one the name is:


Millions of people in the world have shopped from Tesco and if not they might have heard about this. Tesco Company is Retail Company that is engaged in retail activities. Some other activities are also offered by this company like as insurance, banking retail but mainly it is known as the retail store. It is one of the largest and the biggest grocery store.   Tesco brand is covering twelve countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.   It is not just facilitating people by offering them ease and flexibility but it has played important contribution by giving the employment to 500,000 employees that pursue to offer the wide range of products.  They help people and be the first in meeting the needs of the customers. Tesco wants to facilitate people by giving those services with the best quality and focuses on staying the price down.  However offers you the range of products including electrical, homeward, Club card and more. After completing the target of availing the customers each and every single product now it has focused on enhancing the quality of customer services. That shows the significance of customers for Tesco.

Tesco Survey:

For this purpose of enhancing the customer’s services, Tesco has conducted the guest satisfaction survey in which customers of the Tesco give their feedback. With the help of Tesco Views, the company can adopt the changes and the positive recommendations.   You can get a chance to win a £1,000 Tesco gift card if you give your opinion in the survey. And for all the members of club members, they can receive 25 points on your club card.

How can you participate in a survey?

To participate in the Tesco Survey you must have your recent Tesco receipt. Visit this www.tescoviews.com site and then place all the information from the receipt to the survey page according to the requirement. Once you have entered the information then click on the enter button. Give answers to all the questions and give your contact information.

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