It is Insiders Survey’s team foremost motto and duty to safeguard the privacy of all their users. Hence, considering how imperative it is to ensure the privacy of users the team of Insiders Survey has set a brief yet stringently effective privacy policy for you to comprehend the procedure through which Insiders Survey collects, utilizes, shares, reveals and analyses any personal information that may have been collected when users visit our website. Listed below is the blueprint that outlines the Privacy Policy of the website Insiders Survey:

  • In any event that personal information will be taken from the visitors of Insiders Survey; the user will be informed in detail for all the purposes and intents that the information is being asked for.
  • Insiders Survey’s core team will assemble and make use of any personal information from the visitor with the intention for serving the purposes that were listed in the event when the particular information was being asked for or any other related purposes unless the user has given any special consent or placed a request to Insiders Survey or it is stated in the law.
  • Insiders Survey will only keep the assembled personal information for the time period that it is needed to complete the stated intents and purposes.
  • The Insiders Survey members will only collect and gather personal information from the users by fair and lawful means and only where there is an appropriate purpose that too with the consent and knowledge of the user or subject in discussion.
  • The collected and stated personal information should be relevant to the stated purposes for which it is intended to be used, and to the extent that it is required to fulfill the outlined purposes, also, that all stated information must be accurate, correct and updated.
  • The Insiders Survey ensures to protect and preserve any personal information collected from the user with legal and strict protective procedures against theft or loss of data under any unforeseen circumstances. Insiders Survey also commits to protecting information from being accessed by any illegal access, plagiarism or in event of any modification to the site.
  • The Insiders Survey’s team will provide an unrestricted access to its privacy policies for all its users in the attempt of making them understand all the steps taken to ensure the safety of their personal information collected by Insiders Survey.
  • uses advertisements from a third party in order to run our applications and softwares. In the process, many of these third party advertisers use items such as cookies and web beacons which enables these advertisers (such as Google through the Google AdSense program) to gain access to your Internet Service Provider, IP address, the version of browser which you may have used to visit the website of Insiders Survey.

The Insiders Survey Team is fully devoted in carrying out its business in accordance to the stated policies in order to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of the collected information is efficiently preserved without any loopholes.