1. Terms

Whenever you will visit the Insiders Survey website, you will be held to the Terms of Use of the Insiders Survey website and also to further laws and rules while each user will pledge to take responsibility of complying and acting in accordance with legal guidelines that may be applicable in any case on Insiders Survey. In case you have any trouble complying with any of the rules or laws of Insiders Survey, your access to the website will be restricted or in some cases withheld. All of the pictures, third party links and the content that Insiders Survey has published are under the safeguard copyright laws and trademark bindings.

  1. License of Use

Each visitor or user will be given permission only once to download any content or images that are posted on Insiders Survey’s website. The user must comply to use the downloaded information solely for the personal view and not for any commercial or business oriented use. Users must be aware that this is not any form of entitlement but a permission of license and under its regulations, you may not commit the following tasks:

  • Plagiarize or paraphrase any of the Insiders Survey’s content, images, and materials
  • Make use of Insiders Survey’s content for any commercial purposes or business
  • Delete any logos, signs, and notation on the site’s content and then use it
  1. Make use of the entitlement of the content to any third person or mirror the contents on any extended servers.
  1. Limitations

Insiders Survey and its linked third party websites, under any event cannot be held responsible for any form of disruption in the content. This includes incorrect dates, any destruction to earned profits or other types of interruptions which may lead to distortion of the material or the restriction to use the material on Insiders Survey even when Insiders Survey or its team has been verbally or in written form informed of any destruction. There are many legal implications that do not permit any form of limitations on warranty that is caused due to distortion of data, if such is the case then your access will not be restricted by Insiders Survey.

  1. Revisions

Mistakes in terms of technicalities, mistyping of content or errors in images may be found in all or some of the materials of the Insiders Survey. However, Insiders Survey does not uphold any promise that all of the materials on the website will be updated, absolutely error-free or current.

Insiders Survey also modifies its content frequently without any alerts to any of its users but Insiders Survey neither promises to update its content on a regular basis.

  1. Links

Insiders Survey does not take any responsibility for reviewing the content of any third party site and neither promises the accuracy of any content that may be published on these third-party websites nor any of these third party websites take nay endorsement from Insiders Survey hence if any visitor wants to make use of the content from these third party sites it is solely on their own risk and will be held responsible by the privacy policy was given on those websites.

  1. Modifications to Site Terms of Use

Insiders Survey might also make changes to its terms of uses at anytime without giving any prior alert to any of its users. When you use the Insiders Survey website you are automatically agreeing with the terms of uses and are to be bound by the most recent version of this document.