Complete the online Walmart Survey to get yourself gift cards worth $1000!

To avail all the perks of the $1000 gift card you must share your views at the Walmart complete Walmart Survey at

About Walmart

Walmart is the global largest and well known retail company that runs in form of discount stores, a big supermarket and its ever famous Sam’s Club warehouse with services all across the globe. Walmart is the biggest source that generates employment opportunities for many of those who are looking for a job.

Step by Step Procedure for completing the Walmart Survey

Read and follow the step by step guideline give below to successfully answer the online Walmart Survey with ease and then enter the lucky draw for winning $1000 gift card:

  1. Click the URL ahead to open the main page for the Walmart Survey
  2. The installed browser will then grant you an easy access to the official Walmart Survey page.
  3. The first task for you is to select the language from between English and Spanish to take the Walmart Survey in.
  4. Once you have chosen the respective language you must read through all the rules and terms for successfully entering the prize draw.
  5. Then click the “CONTINUE” button to move on to Walmart Survey.
  6. Then give the ZIP code of the area you live in which will be based on 5 digits
  7. Then respond to two general questions.
  8. Then give your complete name and ID of the store which will be written on your most recent invoice slip.
  9. Then press the “NEXT” button
  10. Now respond to all questions in the Walmart Survey
  11. Rate the standards of Walmart services and their efficiency in helping you find items.
  12. When you reach the end of the Walmart Survey give your name, email ID and contact details to enter the prize draw.
  13. In the end all there is left to do is make the submission of Walmart Survey.

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