Get to win a gift voucher worth $500 by filling in the Haggen Survey

You can now claim a $500 gift voucher in the lucky draw for completing the online offered Haggen Survey on!

About Haggen

Haggen is a highly famous bakery and confectionary specialist chain where all necessary items such as baked foods to pharmacy products are available for the public. The famous Haggen Incorporation is also the owner of the ever green Western Union which is a money exchange agency operating around the world and in addition to this they also run their private picture processing business.

Step by Step Procedure for filling the Haggen Survey

To fill in the Haggen Survey and claim your $500 gift card you should read and obey the instructions stated below to finish answering all the questions:

  1. Visit the official home page for the Haggen Survey using this web address on your device that is connected with a safe and reliable internet access
  2. You will be led to the official home page for the Haggen Survey from the device’s installed web browser
  3. On the next page you must tell the precise date and time when you purchased something from the Haggen store
  4. Then enter the store ID
  5. Tell the lane ID and the transaction number
  6. Give the name of the cashier.
  7. You can easily locate the asked data on your billing receipt from Haggen store
  8. Tell the company your email address that you generally use
  9. Press the button for NEXT to proceed ahead to answering the Haggen Survey.
  10. Now the questionnaire of the Haggen Survey will be segmented into a series of pages
  11. In the end for becoming a participant in the lucky draw type your phone number, full name, age, and the address where you reside.
  12. Tick the box which says “I have read and agree to the Official Rules of this promotion”.
  13. Press the button “Submit” to finish this process.

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