Take the Harvester Survey and Enjoy A Free Starter At Your Next Visit!

If you have visited the United Kingdom, you must have had experienced the services of Harvester. Harvester is basically a restaurant chain in the United Kingdom with its headquarters in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The restaurant began functioning in 1983 and since then it has been very successful at serving a family/farmhouse style food, comfort and environment to their customers. And now, this chain has developed a Harvester survey to give their customers a chance to share their experiences. Let’s dig in then!

Harvester Survey Perks

Now taking the Harvester Survey will help you gain something specially for your next visit. When you share your opinions or views with Harvester, you will be given a voucher through email that can be used for your next visit. This voucher will earn you a free delicious starter!

Harvester Survey

Taking the Harvester survey is quite easy. Firstly, you will click on this to open the survey page. Select the branch you visited and click on Next. Then select the date and time of your visit. Then you will choose the nature of your visit (take away or dine in).

After that, you have to select what did you order (Lunch, dinner, drinks only or other) and hit enter. And now you will be rating the questions from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely good. The questions will ask you about Harvester as a suggestion. Next page will ask you to select how much you agree with each of the statements. These statements will be concerned with the services, the quality of the food, the staff, the timing, and so on.

Make sure that the response you give is honest and does not contain any bias against Harvester. Because companies use the survey response seriously and your remarks, opinions and more will help them make themselves and their company better. Once you are done then, you will automatically receive your perk in your inbox. Enjoy it!

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