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What is Aramark all about?

Aramark Parks & Destinations is a US based service that gives hospitality related services for tourists who are visiting the United States of America. Aramark as a company has contracts with the following for tourist attraction and visits:

  • National Park Service,
  • USA Forest Department
  • USA Department of Parks
  • Recreation in California.

What is the Step by Step Procedure for filling the online Aramark Survey?

You will be eligible to complete the Aramark Survey if you are legally residing in Columbia  and are at least 18 years in age. Then follow the step by step guidelines stated below to finish the entire Aramark Survey:

  1. Connect your computer with any internet access for filling the online Aramark Survey.
  2. Visit the link ahead to see the home page for the Aramark Survey
  3. Once the designated page for the Aramark Survey appears, state the following:
  • Aramark Survey Access Code
  • Select the state, venue and all the locations you went to with Aramark
  1. Read all the rules and terms which you must follow to successfully fill the Aramark Survey.
  2. Tell the date when you reached the destination with Aramark.
  3. Hit the “forward arrow” to move on to the official Aramark Survey.
  4. Rate all the services as you experienced them at Aramark. Follow the prompts and keep filling questionnaire presented in the Aramark Survey
  5. Press the link for “Provide Feedback” to add any extra feedback you may have
  6. To enter the sweepstakes state your name, phone number and email address.
  7. Verify your age which must be at least 18.
  8. Then the final step would be to submit the completed Aramark Survey.

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