Take part in the Tops Markets Survey for a chance to win their monthly prize!

Take part in the Tops Markets Survey at www.surveytops.com for a chance to win their monthly prize. You will find a detailed guide on accessing and filling out the Tops Markets Survey in this article.

About the Tops Markets Survey

Tops Markets is an American supermarket franchise that has been around since 1962. The franchise is headquartered in Williamsville, New York. It provides groceries to local communities and also operates in other states including Vermont and northern Pennsylvania. The supermarket has a wide range of departments and even offers interesting deals on its websites such as the Three Day, Free-Day deals. The franchise generates about $2.472 billion US dollars in revenue every year.

If you love stocking up on your groceries by shopping from Tops Markets, then they would love to know. The Tops Markets Survey has been designed for this very purpose. The feedback gathered through this survey will help Tops Markets survey figure out their weak and strong points, as pointed out by their customers, and will help them improve their shopping experience.

How to fill out the Tops Markets Survey

To fill out the Tops Markets Survey, follow these steps:

  1. You must have an internet connection that is working properly. Make sure the device you’re using also has access to this internet connection
  2. Open your web browser
  3. Go to the Tops Survey page by typing www.surveytops.com in the address bar of your web browser. You can also Google the page name for the link
  4. The Tops Markets Survey page will open up
  5. Enter the access code from your receipt
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Click on the grey button that says “Next”
  8. Begin answering the survey questions
  9. You might win a $100 gift card or some other prize upon completion of the survey

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