Win £1,000 Tesco gift card by answering the Tesco Ireland Survey

If you spare some minutes to completing the Tesco Ireland Survey on you may able to win a gift voucher £1,000 or get 25 Club Points!

About Tesco Ireland

Out of the large population of the world, majority has at least once shopped from the Tesco store which is the second leading chain of stores with many stores in 12 countries around Europe, Asia and North America.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Tesco Ireland Survey

Obey the guide below and complete the entire Tesco Ireland Survey to grab your custom £1,000 gift voucher or win 25 Club Points on your membership card:

  1. Visit the main official page for the Tesco Ireland Survey using this web link
  2. Now on the device that is in use, its functional web browser will take you to the Tesco Ireland Survey main page
  3. State the survey code built on 4 digits
  4. See your billing details from Tesco Ireland to locate your survey code
  5. Press the red button which says “ENTER”
  6. Tell the precise date when you were at Tesco Ireland, time of transaction there and inform about as to why you went to the Tesco store
  7. Click NEXT
  8. Rate various aspects of the Tesco store
  9. Tell how satisfied you are with your visit to Tesco Ireland
  10. Once the end of the Tesco Ireland Survey has been reached leave in your contact credentials asking for your complete name, email ID and contact number.
  11. You will be given participation into the lucky draw offered by Tesco.
  12. Submit your Tesco Ireland

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